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September 24, 2011

Philanthropist Pledges 150% Match for Animal Health

Rick Britton with Marilyn and Mo, rescue dogs from Peru.
Rick Britton Challenges Donors and  Animal Advocates

As a friend of the Mednikow family, I am extremely impressed with the personal sacrifices Molly Mednikow (the Founder and Director of CARES) has made to keep Amazon CARES alive.  She is extremely committed, and told me of some of the hardships that exist in running an animal charity and shelter in the Amazon.  I wanted to donate money right away, but quickly realized that I could do more good by becoming a matching donor.  I am getting great pleasure out of seeing Molly "beg" for Amazon CARES.  I'm sort of kidding.

I decided upon a figure of $12,000, thinking I could donate $1000 a month.  Molly had mentioned this sum to me as an amount of money needed to buy a new boat motor, install solar power, and reinforce the infrastructure of the no-kill shelter which is constantly battered down by the elements.  I knew I wanted to do something, but then I thought of it as an investment, and realized my best investment would be to teach Molly to be a better fundraiser.  With a matching funds donation I figured I could plant some seeds and watch things grow.  As a further incentive, I decided that I would give Amazon CARES a bonus donation of $6000 if they could raise $12,000 in 6 months!  So I have pledged to donate $18,000 if Amazon CARES can raise $12,000 by March 1, 2012.

As an animal lover and rescuer, I felt a need to do this as a "global citizen".  This is a global world in which we are increasingly connected.  Yet the citizens of Peru's Amazon Region remain disconnected,  Without Amazon CARES, none of their amazing programs would exist for these people and animals.

The breadth and reach of CARES' programs amazed me.  I didn't realize that CARES traveled to the most remote parts of the Amazon region.  Nor did I realize their commitment to human health issues and education.  They do so much more than rescue dogs!  The numerous volunteers that travel to Peru to volunteer for CARES walk away with more knowledge and they are also enlightened.  Amazon CARES has all encompassing programs for health, education, and human and animal welfare in an area that doesn't receive much support.  I am challenging others to take a closer look at Amazon CARES and make a donation!

I plan to visit the Amazon sooner than later.  I plan to volunteer but also want to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime eco-tourism opportunities in that beautiful setting.

Written by Rick Britton