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August 16, 2011

Your Tweet Can Equal $1000!

How powerful is that?  You can tweet for Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety and it could be worth $100 or even $1000!  To a small charity like Amazon CARES, $100 is a BIG SPLASH in our bucket!

This week we have a chance to win this money while promoting a great cause-minded company, SocialVest.  More about them below, but first, help us win the contest and the money we need to continue our vital programs in Peru.

Every day THIS WEEK ending on Friday, August 19, we have a chance to win $100 daily, and even the $500 Grand Prize simply by generating Tweets.

Tweet between 1 and 5 PM EST for your tweet to count!

Please take the time to Tweet a message that includes mention of @SocialVest and @AmazonCares with the hashtag #kickasscauses.  One of my favorite Tweets came from Jen at @Eukanuba.......... :look up  in the dictionary, and you will see a pic of 

What would $100, $200, or even $1000 mean to a tiny charity like Amazon CARES!  $100 would feed our no-kill shelter dogs for a week!  $1000 would enable us to hold a spay/neuter campaign for stray dogs in which we could treat and sterilize over 100 dogs!

On Monday we were one of the leading charities to win the daily $100 prize (we are still waiting to hear final results!).

"SocialVest users earn money for their favorite cause simply by shopping at any of hundreds of online and traditional retailers."  In addition to their website, you can find them on Twitter and Facebook.  One thing I particularly like about SocialVest is that your shopping dollars go into your own "Personal Giving Account."  As you watch your account grow you can decide to donate it all to one charity or split it up into smaller gifts.  Over 1.5 million non-profits are already registered on the site and ready to accept donations that are generated by shopping for items you would normally buy anyway.  In other words, these donations do not cost you anything more than social conciousness toward the public good!  Amazon CARES isn't listed yet, but we are a very tiny charity.  Hopefully we can get listed soon.

Please Tweet and RT and share with your Twitter friends.  Animals and Amazon CARES is depending on your grassroots support!!  Thank you