August 15, 2011

Shannon's Amazon ZipLine Adventure!

Shannon Sullivan, a Vets Abroad Volunteer in June, 2011.  This is her blog posting about MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2011, originally posted on her blog.

Day Three - el Chino

Our first morning at the lodge, five from our group got up early in order to take in the canopy zip line.

Debby, Anthony, Donna, Shannon, and Justin

After a short hike we made it to the first platform for the zip line.

Getting geared up.

Excited to get going!

We were told that there were only two ways to get to the top of the first platform (which was 100 feet up in the canopy). Either they could pull us up or we could go up the rope ourselves.

Anthony going up.

I decided to climb!

...and climb...

...almost there!

By the time I reached the top I was tired...

...but I did it!

Justin ascending the rope.

At the top of the canopy, enjoying the view.

We had a quick breakfast at the top of the canopy before heading across the zip line.

The second platform.

Looking down.

Debby swinging through the trees.

Looking back at the first platform.

Christian, our wonderful guide from the lodge.



Debby heading back down.

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  1. Very nice shots! That's seems pretty interesting tour of yours. Guide is very essential for such tour and we should follow his/her instructions undoubtedly. I have also been for Zip line tours and enjoyed a lot.


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