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June 8, 2011

How to Gain Weight in the Rainforest (and How I'll Lose It)!

I must admit, I never thought I'd be covering THIS topic on the Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety blog!  The publishers of Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight: The 10 Secrets To Forever Weight Loss by Shane Jeremy James contacted me about doing a book review.  I replied that my blog was related to animal rescue in the Amazon, HOWEVER, I had recently returned from the Amazon, where, incredibly I had gained weight!  I didn't think they would take me seriously, but they sent me a copy of the book.  

Tonight I will start reading the book and I will also start the diet I've been postponing.  My goal is to lose 16 pounds.

How could one possibly gain weight while roughing it in the Amazon Rainforest?  I was there in March and April for two months, and I put on 16 pounds!!  Here's how -- water was at record level highs, making walking to and from the CARES Jungle Lodge impossible.  So we boated everywhere.  With water levels so high, there were less stairs and shorter hills to climb to reach dry land.  

Meats and fresh fruits and vegetables are the basis of the tropical Peruvian diet. Bananas, plantains (similar to the banana), and yucca (similar to a yam) are readily available, and therefore are eaten in great quantities. Inhabitants of the tropical region also enjoy a variety of fish, and plenty of rice, as stated above.  This seems healthy enough.  Read more about what volunteers for Amazon CARES eat.  Carbs are bountiful, and so is the ice cream man that passes by several times a day!  And the cooking oil they use has been all but banned in the USA!

One of my favorite dishes in Peru is potatoes with a special cheese sauce.  Normally I would provide the recipe, but don't think it is appropriate today!

It just proves that good eating habits AND physical activity are essential to maintaining weight,  In my loose, comfy, "jungle" clothes I didn't watch what I ate.  Now, back in the US, with a closet full of clothes that don't fit, I am living with those consequences. 

This is a topic I know many can identify with.  So even though it is off topic, I hope you will enjoy the journey with me!  I'll keep everyone posted!