June 19, 2011

Three Rescue Dogs Get a Second Chance

In the last week three especially alarming cases have presented themselves.  We have rescued three different dogs all suffering from extreme cases of neglect due to abandonment, or in one case, an owner that just watched his "pet" grow sicker without doing anything about it.

First Rescue

The first rescue is a dog that we collected from the street.  His eyes are so very sad.  We brought him to the clinic, yet he seems as if he is waiting for the relief of death.  In addition to the very common ailments of mange, fleas, and ticks, this dog has a respiratory infection which could indicate heart issues.

June 15, 2011

Volunteering in the Amazon!

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety works throughout the year to control the animal overpopulation problem through free spay and neuter clinics.  Many people do not realize that we have a fully operating veterinary clinic with two licensed vets on staff.  Our programs are year-round.  Our programs are supplemented and have a farther reach due to the Vets Abroad program, which offers specialized volunteer trips 4-5 times per year.  We finished a very successful trip in late April, and we just started a new trip over the weekend.  These trips are designed for professional veterinarians and vet staff.  We may allow non-veterinary volunteers if they have experience handling animals, are vet students, or are fluent enough in Spanish so that they can serve as a translator.

Crowd control at a Clinic Above the Belen Meat Market
"Belen market takes some seeing to believe.  It is a heaving chaotic scene of hustle and bustle and everything is available for purchase.  Huge anaconda skins decorate some of the stalls, animal skins, potions are for sale adjacent to clothing and grocery stalls.  It is a sprawling center of commerce in Iquitos and bizarrely, above the meat market, Amazon CARES were running a community outreach project.  I'm really impressed with what Molly has set up here, she has a great team and they are doing a lot of good."  Luke Gamble, Director of the Worldwide Veterinary Service and star of "The World Wild Vet".

June 2, 2011

Ten Tips for (Amazon) Volunteers

Help #abandoned #animals @AmazonCares
A volunteer trip to the Amazon is NOT for everyone.  Our volunteers generally adapt and enjoy themselves, yet I am often surprised at the lack of preparation or research of some volunteers.   Then they make things worse by complainingWe have produced extensive materials for volunteers in the past, but this is a handy short version.  Of course, this is only a condensation of suggestions.  Please leave comments and more suggestions in the comments section.  

Many of these tips apply to ALL volunteers, not just those of Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety.

Ten Tips for Amazon Volunteers...