May 5, 2011

Vet Nurse June Allison: Feisty & Photogenic

Photo by Mikhael Boutchine.

The April Vets Abroad trip benefited greatly from the skills of an incredibly photogenic Veterinary Nurse!  This feisty volunteer who speaks the truth and calls it as she sees it is none other than skilled Veterinary Nurse June Allison. June was a wonderful addition to the April Vets Abroad team, serving in the capacity of surgery nurse to two-three veterinarians simultaneously.

She hails from Scotland, but she now resides in Australia. In addition to an outstanding resume and education in Vet Nursing, she also studied photography and drama. This no doubt explains why "the camera loves her," according to our professional photographer volunteer Mikhail Boutchine. It is true that June's photograph's seem almost ethereal in nature.

Photo by Mikhael Boutchine

Her resume states "As an employee I am reliable and punctual, as well as honest and trustworthy. I have the ability to work well within a team but also the initiative to work independently. I particularly enjoy meeting people and I am always open to new experiences. I am an ambitious and assertive individual who is willing to learn, thrive and be an asset to your company."

I couldn't have said it any better. Thank you June for all the great things you brought to the Amazon CARES team.

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