May 15, 2011

Thank You i Love Dogs! Trip Stats!

Photo by Patrick Mahaney
The April Vets Abroad volunteer trip had the extreme benefit of a new Sponsor. In addition to Foundations that support us and our travel partners, one entity became our first ever individual trip sponsor. I am speaking of I Love Dogs, Inc. Thank you to I Love Dogs for their Platinum Sponsorship of our trip. I was thrilled to create tee shirts and banners to prominently display their logo, and we provided exclusive updates for the I Love Dogs website.

In addition to their financial contribution, they also donated a large amount of supplements. With the help of Dr. Patrick Mahaney we determined which supplements would be of most benefit to each of our shelter dogs. Our shelter dogs are in various stages of recovery, but I learned that even the healthy dogs benefit greatly from the quality supplements made by I Love Dogs, Inc.

I was thrilled to find the perfect puppy to bear the name Martita, named in honor of Martha Smith, general manager of I Love Dogs, Inc.  See video.

The Vets Abroad team sterilized 96 animals, provided treatments to 267 dogs plus 25 dogs that received a complete set of vaccinations (supply was limited).  Sadly we had to euthanize two dogs that were extremely ill and suffering.  We provided anti-parasite treatments to 1576 humans.  To some these numbers will seem insignicant.  We worked for 9 days with 2-3 operating Veterinarians.  Bear in mind we do these campaigns all year long.  For further explanation about the importance of stray dog campaigns, see our blog entry about Animal Birth Control.

While still in the midst of thanking participants and partners for our April Vets Abroad trip, we are underway with the planning of an equally exciting trip beginning in late June. As such we are speaking Sponsors, and making more affordable sponsorship levels available. Please click here for more information. Sponsorships start as low as $250.

Our sponsorship packages do not reveal all the benefits. Much is hard to quantify. Amazon CARES has a history of providing benefits and gratitude to our supporters through the great use of social media, utilizing your logos and links, and photographing banners, logos and more in our remote locales. What an exciting new addition to a company's reach!

We create a new group of advocates for you, and in addition to the tee shirt we create for each trip, we are thrilled to distribute your own tee shirts, hats, etc. To team members. The effects of sponsorship by I Love Dogs, Inc will continue to grow, as each group of vets is introduced to their products and informed of their innovative decision to support Amazon CARES.

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