May 2, 2011

Some Puppies Can't Beat the Odds.....

I mentioned in the blog "A Flood of Water, A Flood of Pups," that we have been inundated not only with a true flood due to rising water, but also a flood of abandoned puppies and kittens.  Sadly, many of these helpless creatures are born with the odds stacked heavily against them.  Their mothers may have been malnourished or ill.  More importantly, Peruvians don't understand that newborns need to be with their mother for at least a month.

Photo by M. Boutchine
I named several puppies, the first two being Mikhail and Jessica.  They were tiny, and had been found together.  Luckily, Jessica, named to honor Dr. V. of, is thriving and eats well and loves to play with the other, older and stronger puppies.  Sadly, Mikhail passed away.  He was named to honor our volunteer photographer Mikhail Boutchine.  Mikhail and I buried him in a special place at our animal shelter, at which time Mikhail commented, "Somehow I knew, when I first held him, that he was not destined to live.  There was a deep sadness in his eyes.  And I understood.  I only knew him for ten days, but his short life has made an impact on me."  He added that some creatures, including humans, are given a chance while others are not.  It was a notion he hadn't thought about for some time...until the moment in which I held the lifeless Mikhail in my hands and told the deceased puppy of all the other dogs waiting for him Over the Rainbow Bridge.

Sadly, three more puppies have died in the last four days.  We have since quarantined the rest.  I brought three puppies to the clinic today where they are receiving fluids and vitamins via IV.  Sadly, a cute tiny black puppy is barely hanging on.  When I looked in on him moments ago I sensed his end was near.  Though still breathing, the life seemed to have already left his body.  I held him in my arms and cried as he passed.

Rest in Peace.

Puppies Patricio, named for Dr. Patrick Mahaney and Lucas, named for volunteer Luke Marriott, and, as I stated above, Jessica, all continue to thrive.  Martita, named for Martha Smith of i Love Dogs, Inc., our VetsAbroad Trip Sponsor, is also thriving!  All three enjoy roughhousing together.

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  1. RIP sweet puppies. My hope is that you did not suffer.


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