April 10, 2011

Meet June Allison! Update on Puppy Martita!

June Allison is a Veterinary Nurse from Scotland.  She has been living in Australia for the last six years.  She arrived yesterday evening on April 9.  I picked her up at the Iquitos airport  as dusk was setting in.  Since our lodging is hard to reach due to bad roads (supplemented by heavy rains) and lack of electricity and streetlights, getting home was a bit of an adventure.  We walked part of the way with flashlights. 

In this short clip June says hello after having visited the Amazon CARES Veterinary clinic for the first time.  She is also proud to show puppy Martita off!  Martita, named for Martha Smith, General Manager of i Love Dogs, Inc., is a rescued puppy that is now on a daily routine of i Love Dogs, Inc. famous nutritional supplements!  Read exclusive content and see video of Martita on the iLoveDogs.com website!

June is truly dedicated.  As I write this short blog she is in the clinic changing cat litter.  TeeHeeHee.

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