April 11, 2011

i Love Dogs, Inc. Donates Supplements to Aid in Fight Against Malnourishment

Amazon CARES and i LOVE DOGS, INC.  are delighted announce a new collaboration that will benefit animals in one of the most remote areas of the world.  The Torrance, Calif.-based dog vitamin & supplement manufacturer i Love Dogs, Inc. is donating a large amount of its famous i Love Dogs supplements, including Multivitamins, Green Tea, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, and Reishi. All of these products contain decaffeinated green tea and reishi mushroom, which provide the antioxidant and immune system support so vital to dogs in high-risk health situations.

“Malnourishment is a very serious issue with stray and owned dogs in the Amazon region, so we are eager to see the results of adding supplements to their diets," stated CARES’ Founder and Director, Molly Mednikow.
“We are excited to provide them to our shelter dogs as well!”

i LOVE DOGS, INC. dedicates itself to formulating the highest quality natural vitamins and supplements available on the market today. Its name says it all — i Love Dogs is committed to the health of canine companions and the peace of mind quality products bring to their pet parents.  Priding itself on being leaders in animal wellness and welfare, its products seamlessly blend natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology and science.  For the more well-heeled (ahem) canine connoisseur, i Love Dogs also designs the world's most exclusive diamond dog collars. For more information about i Love Dogs, please visit www.ilovedogs.com.