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March 10, 2011

TOP TEN AWARD: 365 Days of Animal Advocacy

I Love Rescue Animals (ILRA)  -  365 Days of Animal Advocacy

This is our Second Top Ten Award for 2011!

I Love Rescue Animals (ILRA) is an organization founded by two passionate women, Nikki and Ashley, and their happy, rescue mutt named Spunky (the beloved mascot). Their goal is to raise awareness about the positive impact adopting and rescuing animals has on the world. They advocate adoption and giving second chances to those in need of homes. 

I Love Rescue Animals” is a website dedicated to celebrating rescue animals of all kinds, supporting shelters, rescues and animal rights groups and to animal welfare worldwide. They advocate always choosing adoption over buying an animal. They have no preferences for mixed breed or purebred animals as both can be found in shelters and rescues. They seek to raise awareness within their communities and to work towards a future where all animal owners are responsible and we no longer have to make the choice to put down otherwise adoptable animals simply due to a lack of space and resources. They also strongly believe in spaying and neutering your animals to help reduce the number of homeless animals. They support animal welfare causes from around the world and believe people should take action in any way they can, whether it’s signing petitions, speaking up when they see mistreatment of animals, fostering animals, anything!

One of their amazing projects is “365 Days of Animal Advocacy”, which featured Amazon CARES on Feb. 15th.  Click here to see their feature on Amazon CARES,

Ashley and Spunky
 “365 Days of Animal Advocacy” project idea is to promote a rescue shelter, an organization, an event, anything related to their cause to help animals worldwide.  All they ask you to do is pick an animal rescue, shelter, advocacy group, nonprofit organization, idea, etc. that you want to support. Buy a shirt from them and have it sent to “I Love Rescue Animals”. They will also need a short description of what the shirt is about – the mission, where the group is located, where they can be found online, any important information that you want to be sure people know about them.

Follow them on Twitter @RescueAnimals

Thank you, Ashley and Nikki, for supporting us!

365 Days of Animal Advocacy