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March 18, 2011

#FollowFriday & a Top Ten Activist: #Pawcircle Peeps!

This #FollowFriday we are highlighting a movement on Twitter, the #Pawcircle.  We are awarding one of out Top Ten Awards to Dana Moody, who started the Pawcircle movement.

The Pawcircle is a warm place that sends healing thoughts to Anipals!  Highlighted in this blog, and people we recommend you follow are:

Dana, @danapixie, joined Twitter a couple of years ago thinking she would follow some cyclist and local news folks. They didn't tweet very exciting things so one day she started looking around to see who else was out there.  

She stumbled upon @sockington, A CAT that tweeted, and said some pretty funny things. So Dana started following him. And also looked around for some other animals. She soon found herself in the 'Anipal Community" These are dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, stuffed animals, you name it, that have typists, or staff, or mom/dad that type for them. She soon was following hundreds of them, and now most of the tweeple she follows are of the four-legged variety.

Dana was chosen the Coolest Human by the Anipal Academy in 2010!

The #Pawcircle started on Twitter. Two of Dana's friends @BigBoyBosco and @JinJinDoggy were chatting about another friend @BrunoTheDog, who wasn't feeling well. Bosco asked JinJin to take his paw and form a "pawcircle" for Bruno. JinJin put the hashtag on it ( #Pawcircle ) and quickly many anipals were joining paws in the #pawcircle. That is how it began!

"The #Pawcircle is a place on Twitter where we send good thoughts to those in need. If an anipal or human is not feeling well, or going through a rough time or if someone has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, #Pawcircle sends them healing thoughts. It a place where one can see who is hurting or see that someone is thinking of them." states Dana.

They send tweets out using the #pawcircle with the anipal/human's @username.
Anyone can tweet a pawcircle, but Dana will usually go thru and see who might need to be added and will tweet it.

There is also the Pawcircle Blog, that Dana maintains. It is basically the same information as is in Twitter, but in one spot. She has gotten requests from folks that have stumbled upon the blog or have seen mentioned elsewhere. No one is refused, and everyone is welcome to participate.

There are so many great people and animal organizations on Twitter, too many to list. But Dana's recommendations are:

@FrugalDougal and his mum do great work with organizing 'pawpawties'. Visit his Blog here.

@PepiSmartDog who himself is OTRB and helps so much those left behind when their beloved pet has passed. To visit their website click here.

And near and dear to Dana's heart is @AChanceForBliss which is where @HomerLePorc lives. Dana has visited there many times and it is a wonderful sanctuary. You can visit their site HERE.

There is also a #Pawcircle Daily Paper to read!

Congrats to Dana Moody for her work with the Pawcircle.  We indeed believe she is a GREATEST HUMAN winner too, as well as one of our Top Ten Activists for 2011!