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March 29, 2011

Great Book: Ahound the World: Promoting pet adoption worldwide!!

Check out this entertaining book!  

Amazon CARES is featured in the March 2011 book  Ahound the World by Joanne Lefson.  Joanne and her dog, Oscar, are on a worldwide mission to promote animal adoption!  We were lucky to have her and Oscar visit CARES!

"Through a thicket of overgrowth, Molly cleared the way for a jungle shelter.....(CARES) has instilled a new perspective on animal welfare in one of the poorest regions in the world.  It is simply remarkable."

This book is an entertaining romp about the misadventures of a dog traveling where no dog has gone before!

Molly Mednikow, Executive Director
Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety (CARES)