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March 30, 2011

(Almost) 2AM Update

Where did all the Bible Thumpers Come From?

When they changed out of their jammies and snuggies they were all wearing bright blue shirts with a big, I mean BIG cross. A Peru Mission. Just what the natives are waiting for....

I Shoulda Had a Donut
I thought a sugary treat might be called for after I received my first ChipIn donation. I guess everyone I know is asleep. Maybe I should have gone to the hotel as my bf advised me to do.

I asked the Internet Cafe dude if he wanted a donut. He asked for a hamburger instead. Thus, the Happy Meal fiasco. Don`t ask... I just feel ill.....

Wow I`d really love a Donut!
There is a Dunkin Donuts at the Lima airport. If I wasn`t determined to squeeze some micro-donations out of people, I`d think about leaving my luggage and making a mad dash to grab a chocolate glazed donut. I am so tired too. But why waste $50 on a hotel when that will pay to help more animals!

Don`t put off a small donation that will make you smile inside!