February 23, 2011

Eduardo Pictures: Before and After - Worldess Wednesday Blog

Eduardo, named in honor of Donor Edward Vargo, rescued in December 2010.
Eduardo as of February, 2011.

A beautiful, well behaved dog, we believe his adoption is not far off!

February 17, 2011

Street Dogs To be Captured More Humanely Thanks to CGI!

In Iquitos, so close to the equator, night falls abruptly, without much in the way of warning.  Every afternoon at around 5:30 or so comes the mad rush from the bustle of the city to the bucolic jungle paths, children playing, laughter and smells of exotic meals wafting from open doorways.  During my brief sojourn in Peru, I would always try to soak up the atmosphere, the sights, sounds and smells, to make an indelible impression on my mind. 

Not Molly.  While I rested in the jostling moto, her eyes scanned the roadside food stands, the children, the dogs idly scratching, sniffing garbage, lying in the dusty road.  There was one she was seeking - a dog so horribly disfigured from mange his skin took on the wrinkled, mottled, cracked appearance of an elephant's hide.  He was elusive; it seemed he knew when she was without a cage or someone to help - then he would show himself.  Sometimes Molly would solicit aid, and bring Harris or Bruno with their long-poled dog-catching nets; on those occasions, the dog would make himself scarce, neatly eluding her pursuit.  As much as we want to help the street dogs, it is apparent that they are scared to death of our help, and take great pains to avoid us.

Amazon CARES thanks CGI Corporate Social Responsibility for their generous $2500 grant that will assist in our capture and transport of street dogs.

This is not the first time CGI has made a difference for animals in the Amazon.  Read more...

February 12, 2011

Happy Ending for Jesus!

Must see photos of rescue dog "Jesus!" He has been adopted into a wonderful family! The pictures depict the fella at time of rescue, recovering and healthy at Christmas, and with his forever family that adopted him in February 2011!

Help us continue saving lives on our upcoming veterinary trips.  Consider sponsoring a volunteer!


February 9, 2011

Shipibo Tribe Survives & Creates Beautiful Art.

Yoanna of the Shipibo Tribe
In an earlier blog, we announced that Lonely Planet and CNN had both named Iquitos as one of the Top Ten cities to visit in 2011.  If you have the chance to visit this unique, one-of-a-kind, remote city, you may be interested in the Indian tribes of the region.  Sadly, most tribes you encounter near Iquitos are very westernized, demonstrating their traditional dress and customs for tourist groups and during festivals and holidays.  

The Shipibo Indian tribe clings to their traditions.  They are known for their intricate designs on their pottery and their bright clothing.  A small number of Shipibo people live in Iquitos where they make and sell their uniquely patterned art and craft.  

Their beautiful textiles are perfect as wall hangings, table cloths or bedcovers, these hand embroidered and painted Shipibo tribe fabrics are produced in the central Peruvian Amazon. The designs on each cloth are said to be unique and never repeated. The Shipibo obtain these designs from the spirit world, usually during an ayahuasca session, where the pattern is produced inside the head by vibrations, often associated with specific spirit songs being sung by the participant. The designs are brought back from ayahuasca sessions into daily life, being repeated in body paint, on ceramics and even houses to help invoke harmony and health.