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January 3, 2011

TOP 10 AWARD! BZTAT's Art for a Cause

Artist Vicki Boatright, also known as BZTAT is the FIRST recipient of an Amazon CARES "Top Ten Award" for 2011.  This Award rewards her creativity, and we hope to find 9 other worthy honorees during 2011.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the line between an animal abuser and those that committ human abuse. Amazon CARES works in severly poor areas. Sadly, domestic violence is so common as to be widely ignored. We have worked with local schools, church leaders and police to teach them to recognize signs of domestic abuse. Despite initial complacence, we have helped create an awareness that animal abuse and domestic abuse go hand in hand. This fine line is more than most people care to consider.

This is one reason a current project by artist BZTAT aka Vicki Boatright has caught our attention.  The project is called Okey's Promise:  Art for a Cause"  PLEASE visit the website link to learn more and to make a pledge of any amount.
According to her website:
“Vicki Boatright, AKA BZTAT (pronounced bee-zee-tat) is an artist who specializes in contemporary pet themed artwork, including: large murals and public art, custom pet portrait paintings, and a variety of other animal art.She is an avid pet lover and supporter of animal causes. She also is a mental health therapist with a specialization in trauma.”
She is working to create a large public mural in Canton, Ohio to raise awareness about these issues.

The project is called Okey's Promise:  Art for a Cause"  PLEASE visit the website link to learn more and to make a pledge of any amount.

In addition to the link to fundraise for Okey's Promise, there is a dedicated website and you can Like Okey's Promise Facebook Page!

The artist summed up the need for this project in these powerful words:
“When animals are suffering in society, children are too. When there is violence to animals, there is likely violence to children and others who may be defenseless.... Truth be told, child welfare programs grew out of the efforts of animal rescue organizations who were seeing children in deplorable conditions when they were rescuing endangered pets. The issue of pet abuse and abandonment is deeply connected to the issue of child abuse and domestic violence. Both issues need to be addressed together, not one in isolation of each other.”

Amazon CARES is proud to back BZTAT up as well!  Founder Molly Mednikow has donated to the project (using her personal funds, NOT funds from Amazon CARES).  Molly has met BZTAT and knows first-hand that Vicki is wonderful person and advocate for animals and all victims of this world.

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