January 5, 2011

Blind Cocker Rescued from the Street

On January 2, 2010 we rescued this cocker spaniel, abandoned, We hope to find her a home soon. It is an outrage that somebody would abandon an older, handicapped animal such as Fiona.

This is a translation of a current discussion thread occuring in Spanish on Facebook right now. I wanted people to know more about everyday situations with Amazon CARES.

"Fiona is a cocker spaniel around 7 years old, recued from the street, and looking for a new home.  If you live in Iquitos, Peru and can provide her with a new life, please call the Amazon CARES clinic.  At the very least we are looking for a foster home until we encounter a permanent homw.  If you know someone that would like to adopt a dog, tell them about Fiona and this will be of great help to us.  Please post a flyer in a visibale place.  Thank you." 

"This dog (Fiona) is not fixed, because the operation would be risky. She has a kidney problem that causes her to drink a lot of water and urinate quite a bit. Apart from this, she is fine. Well, except that she is mostly blind, but I don't believe this affects her much, because her nose is her guide. Fiona is very gentle and friendly. Owing to her health and her age, she only has a few years left to live. We only want that her final years are peaceful and happy. We will also provide food for her."
Obviously, I don't expect people reading this blog to have the ability to adopt her.  However the story is so poignant to me that I wanted to share it.

Originally writted by Peru Director of Amazon CARES, Bruno Antoine.  Translated from Spanish by CARES Executive Director, Molly Mednikow.

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