December 21, 2010

Explore the Heliconia Amazon River Lodge!

Veterinary volunteers and Amazon CARES are highly appreciative of the hard work that goes into the planning of our volunteer trips.  The bureaucratic red tape is deftly handled by the Director in Peru, Bruno Antoine.  Communicating and confirming plans with remote villages is always an extreme difficulty.  Following that, Bruno dedicates himself to finding comfortable lodging and safe, healthy meals for the participants. 

During our most recent campaign, Heliconia Lodge and Amazon River Expeditions provided not one, but two large speedboats to assist our getting the volunteers and the large amount of supplies from the Port of Bellavista Nanay in Iquitos to the towns of Yanamono, then to Indiana, and after several days, they returned us to Iquitos.  These areas are indicated on the map above with red/yellow "X" marks.

We did not have the pleasure or opportunity to stay at the well reputed Heliconia Lodge, but want to share some information about their fabulous jungle sanctuary. 

Heliconia Amazon Lodge is located on the banks of the majestic Amazon River in Yanamono's Communal Reserve, 50 miles from the city of Iquitos.   The Reserve is recognized for possessing the highest quantity of different arboreal species in this part of the Amazon jungle.  This is due to the fact that the area forms part of an ecosystem constituted by diverse types of environments.  Regionally, these “environments” are known as "restingas", "marshes", "tahuampas", "beaches", "mires", and "aguajales.”  They have been generated by the fluvial dynamics of white water loaded with rich sediments in nutrients that creates soil for a fertile forest.

Heliconia Lodge and Amazon River Expeditions recognize these special characteristics of Yanamono's Ecosystem.  They have made a commitment to protect each portion of this jungle with daily sustainable work with the local communities.

The Heliconia Lodge is surrounded by fine and exotic collections of Heliconias, flowers valued for brilliant colors and forms, as well as bromelias, orchids, etc. all close to islands, streams and lagoons full of wildlife. Lucky visitor have many wonderful places to rest or spend time taking part in exciting activities.

The trip to Heliconia Lodge takes 1 hour and 15 minutes from Iquitos, traveling downstream by speedboat.

Thank you very much to Amazon River Expeditions and to the Heliconia Lodge by providing these important transportation services.  They made our recent campaign possible!

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