December 23, 2010

Explorama offers Volunteers Adventure, Luxury

Amazon CARES is thrilled to announce the April 2011 Volunteer Trip to the Amazon in conjunction with Explorama Lodges.  The trip is already almost full! Two non-veterinary volunteers that are experienced animal handlers have been accepted, as well as two highly qualified veterinarians, including Dr. Patrick Mahaney! We are still seeking 1 more Veterinarian and 2 Vet Nurses / Techs.  If interested please email  This is an excerpt from the itinerary.

Day Seven:  Saturday April 16, 2011
Take an afternoon hike through primary, terra firme, non-flooding rainforest including a visit to the ReNuPeRu Medicinal Plant Garden adjoining the lodge. There will also be an evening excursion by open boat along the Sucusari Stream in search of caiman and to enjoy the night sounds and stars of the Southern sky.  We will overnight at ExplorNapo Lodge.

Day Eight:  Sunday April 17, 2011
Participate in an early morning birding excursion followed by a morning hike to the Canopy Walkway.  The Canopy Walkway is a suspended bridge spanning over 500 meters (one-third of a mile), connected by tree platforms and reaching a height of over 35 meters (115 feet) above the ground.  Here there is time to observe a part of the rain-forest rarely seen by man but accessible without any type of climbing skill or equipment.  There is also an afternoon boating excursion along one of the Napo River tributaries spotting for sloth, birding and fishing for piranha.  We will overnight at ExplorNapo Lodge.

Day Nine:  Monday April 18, 2011
There will be an early morning birding excursion by boat or foot.  There will also be a morning excursion to visit some of the local river people called "ribereños" whose houses and schools are seen along the river. They will be pleased to show you their simple way of life dominated by the movements of the mighty rivers that surround them.  We will have an afternoon transfer to Ceiba Tops Luxury Lodge.  Enjoy the luxury pool, waterslide and hot tub, the hammock room, free Wi-Fi access in bar/lounge area.  This will be our home base for the following 5 days of work in nearby jungle communities.

Hmmmm.  What is wrong with this picture?  There doesn't appear to be veterinary, or ANY work, involved!  Actually, these three days are a well deserved break in-between two hard working weeks in the city of Iquitos and in the Amazon Jungle!

Explorama is highly committed to the communities surrounding their many lodges.  During October 2010 they assisted with lodging for our volunteers, who certainly enjoyed relaxing tired muscles in the Ceiba Tops Jacuzzi and Hot Tub following a full day of surgery and work!  Thank you to Explorama for making further trips possible and extremely comfortable!!

A great book about ANY Amazon journey is Explorama's Amazon - A Journey Through The Rainforest Of Peru.

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