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August 18, 2010

Who to Vote for in the Petties. 2 days left!

"You nominated, we counted, and now you vote for the best of the best pet bloggers in the DogTime Pet Blog Awards! Pet bloggers from all over the country will then celebrate the winners at the BlogPaws event in Colorado in September. Vote for your favorite blogs in each of the four voting categories!"

These are the instructions for the Pettie Awards!  I know I can be very wordy with my blogs.  In the interest if time and in hopes that you will trust my knowledge and research, I am going to recommend one blog from each category that deserves your vote.

Voting takes little time, does not require a lengthy registration process, and you can vote for each category once per day, so if you act now, vote today AND vote tomorrow!

Best Pet Blog:
Best Cause Blog:
Best Dog Blog:

I don't want to TELL you who to vote for. Follow your heart and conscience. But if you haven't had time to do the research, trust me.  Vote for the bloggers above.  They deserve your vote! Participating is a small effort, but an important one!! Without further fanfare, here are my recommendations (above). I know each of these terrific bloggers personally, and would not ask you to vote for a non-deserving candidate in the Petties 2010!