July 22, 2010

Embrace Pet Insurance: A Generous Benefactor!

Amazon CARES is in the midst of a three week volunteer trip.  With increased resources (volunteers) we are able to accomplish amazing things!  We estimate that we are treating 600 dogs per week.  We are also providing anti-parasite medications to HUMANS as well!  These campaigns are very expensive, and there are several donors that deserve our gratitude!  Today I must address the generosity of Embrace Pet Insurance

Their supply donations have defrayed our costs significantly. The first donation was valued at over $1100, and four more boxes are on the way!  

Read our blog to learn more! These donations were a direct result of Amazon CARES Director, Molly Mednikow, meeting Embrace Pet Insurance Founder, Laura Bennett, at BlogPaws 2010 (Columbus, OH). 
Working in a rural village.  Sutures are VERY expensive in Peru, so the Embrace donations saved us a lot of money!