July 31, 2010

Brigitte Bardot Supports Vet Trip

The Amazon CARES team, supported by two veterinary volunteers from Lima, peru and three veterinary volunteers from France has completed an intensive two week Veterinary campaign in Iquitos, Peru.

Our intensive and costly campaigns are made possible by many generous donors.  The Brigitte Bardot Foundation, a Platinum Benefactor of Amazon CARES, is especially important in the funding of these Veterinary campaigns.  Thank you to this generous and internationally respected Foundation for granting Amazon CARES substantial funds for the second year in a row.

The environmental health campaign addresses the issue of parasites in pets, street animals and humans.  Humans are affected by parasites and various communicable diseases.  As always, the campaigns also focused on spaying and neutering street dogs to help control animal overpopulation.

This successful campaign resulted in the treatment of more than 100 animals per day, and on some days, more than 200!  Over 142 sterilization surgeries took place as well!  Human treatments for parasites were also distributed. 

A strong educational component helped people understand how to better care for the pets and the importance of quality veterinary care.

It is always exciting to travel further out to help communities with no access to veterinary campaign.  Thus, this campaign started on July 12 in the community Santa Maria de Ojeal and continued on the 13th in Sichicuy.  Both small villages are an hour outside of Iquitos and must be reached by boat.  Volunteers received free accomodation thanks to the generosity of the Tucan Amazon Lodge.

On the 14th the campaign continued, and all worked at a fast pace, spending 2-3 days in each location.  The campaign took place in several well-populated, yet rural neighborhoods in or around Iquitos. These included Punchana, Port of Bella-Vista Nanay, Plaza of Sargento Lores and the City Park of Iquitos.
Following this successful Veterinary Trip, we look forward to our October Trip in conjunction with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and the Worldwide Veterinary Service.  This trip will see the return of a fave volunteer, Dr. Barbara Bennett, who is also a Platinum Sponsor of Amazon CARES!

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  1. I'm so glad you are focusing on spaying and treating parasites, as these are certainly very important for pet and human populations. Thanks for your hard work! And thanks to the foundations helping to support your work!


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