June 25, 2010

Dogs Toys! What a Novel Concept!

I am en route to Iquitos, Peru.  My suitcases are stuffed to the gills with toys from Teeny's Friends. When one buys a dog toy Teeny donates one to a shelter. Teeny's Friends has always been one of my fave animal charities. The concept is so original and keeping shelter animals stimulated and occupied is often overlooked despite it´s importance.

So I made a donation to Teeny´s Friends, but was unaware that Teeny would donate the freebie toy back to Amazon Cares!  THANK YOU TEENY!

I may try to sell a toy to a vet clinic client and donate a toy to the shelter. That way we get 4x the benefit! I mentioned this idea to the Peruvian staff and their reaction was "People won't buy dog toys in Iquitos!"  It may be true that I should focus on bigger fish to fry, but the novel concept of getting these toys out into the community excites me.

I can't wait to see our dogs playing and deriving comfort from these toys and I will be sure to take pictures!

There is one issue to be addressed, and it saddens me that Teeny may be sad to know this. Dogs, abandoned and owned, are not accustomed to having a luxury such as a toy. I have tried to teach the dogs to fetch for years with no success. I will throw a ball and they may run after it, but then they will come running to me, empty-mouthed.

Unlike the dogs you may know and love, these dogs don't react to the sound of a precious squeaky toy. I hope that I can change that. My first experiment succeeded, and Magda, pictured, quickly hogged several toys!  incidentally, Magda is named in honor of Donor Magda Wozny.

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