April 12, 2010

What bloggers say about BlogPaws Part II

I have a horrible confession to make.  When I met @DogFiles at BlogPaws 2010 my eyes glazed over when he spoke about video.  As a charity in Peru, we have a very hard time creating good video due to 1) lack of good equipment that can withstand conditions 2) large amount of time spent traveling by boat and accompanying wind noise eating up any form of narrative, and 3) lack of technical knowledge to put videos together.  Yes, we do have a YouTube channel and I would love nothing more than for somebody to tell me I'm wrong and that I am an Oscar winner in the making.  But my videos can not compare to the quality of videos at The Dog Files website

Now, I must self-promote here.  Amazon CARES is very fortunate to be involved with an incredible documentary in the making that needs your support (plus your name in the credits).  It is Fixing Fido, and thanks to Director Jeremiah Alley, we do have some GREAT professional vids.

Now, back to promoting OTHERS! 

Just watched Interview with Petco's Natalie Malaszenko at Blogpaws. Excellent!

Blog:  Implementing an idea / Closing Ceremony Video
I love the superb "Two Cavalier's" blog by @Felissahadas.  She writes an entry about a great idea she had AND implemented while at BlogPaws.  She promotes an easy way for you to help Pedigree help animals.  As much as I want to promote it as well, I prefer you visit her blog to read about her clever idea!  She also writes about the inspirational tear-jerker video shown at the closing ceremony of BlogPaws.  Her reflections express my feelings exactly, and I am sure many of you will agree.

Blog:  Session Review "Be the Change"
Check out this blog by @BoulderDog1.  One of the first I've seen to review a session!  "Be the Change" She writes "That’s what the “Be the Change” panel was all about. It was moderated by Jane Harrell, Petfinder.com and members of the panel included: Dorain Wagner, Your Daily Cute, Jessica Vogelsang, DVM, Pawcurious, and Lynn Haigh (aka @frugaldoudal) and CDO of PawPawty.com. At the end of the panel Lynn showed her Shorty nominated video, “Be the Change.”

*Editor's Note:  This is our favorite expression, especially due to the emphasis on the "world."  We actually have printed magnets with an Amazon scene and the quote!  If you want one free simply comment below.  Also, just ask and we'll send you a free Member decal if you *promise* to display it proudly on your car or vet practice window! 

I am going to publish this now, but I'll still be writing!  Keep those links coming!!

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  1. Hi, I just came across your blog through Pets Blogroll (Wilma the Pug). I love what you are doing and plan to become a follower as well as anything else I can do to raise awareness for animal rescue. I was hoping you would check out my friend Puglets web page flatpuglet.com. He is also on a mission to raise awareness for animal rescue.He has flattened himself and his likenesses are traveling the globe to help the cause. Having a mention on your blog would surely go a long way in promoting his/all of our causes. Helping animals in need. Welcome to Pets Blogroll.


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