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April 26, 2010

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The Amazon CARES blog reports on exciting work being done in the Peruvian Amazon to improve living conditions of people and animals. The blog does have a broader focus as well. We focus on other charities, events, environmental issues, animal activism and so much more. This is THE blog to read if you have an interest in learning about the challenges of domestic animal welfare in the Third World!
I work full-time as the Executive Director of Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety (CARES). Many call it a hobby, as I don’t draw any income from the cause. However, I founded the charity by selling a former business, and donations continue to increase!

Many years before the founding of CARES I fell in love with the tranquility of the Amazon rainforest combined with the exuberance of Iquitos, the region’s capital. Yet the status of NUMEROUS ill, homeless dogs dismayed me. I tried various projects before deciding to sell all my worldy goods and move to Peru full time to start Amazon CARES. My blog is meant to promote and inform.
I have blogs about Amazon related issues dating back to 2000. However, this particular “niche” blog began in 2004 on a different hosting platform. We have copied many older archived posts, but I have been a very active blogger in 2009 when I started living part time in the USA.
When we have a new blog post up, approximately 500 per day. Otherwise around 150-200. We consider this succesful for a tiny charity like Amazon CARES.

Animal activists, adventurers, veterinarians and potential volunteers, other charities, environmentalist, and people interested in some incredible animal rescue stories and human interest stories.
When I have good content, I’ll spend 4-8 hours preparing a blog. We try to blog several times per month,and our blogs tend to be very detailed and a little long.
Subcribing to the Amazon CARES blog will guarantee you a lively and interesting blog entry in your mail box, but not a FLOOD of entries and NEVER spam.
The challenges we face in the Amazon will warm your heart as we discuss some amazing stories of survival.
We also feature other animal charities and activists. We do our best to “give back to the community”.
Many people must like what we do as we were named one of the Top 10 Causes on Twitter and one of the Top 12 Causes to follow on Twitter in 2009. We are currently ranked #17 in the Twibes Philanthropy category, and we have nearly 6000 Twitter followers!
Give back. Dont make it all about self promotion. Have guest bloggers and feature other people and charities.
Finally, make your content unique and interesting, and always have an unique angle.