February 2, 2010

Animal Abuse - "What fault is there in loving my pet?"

This article is from La Region newspaper of Iquitos, Peru.  Translation by Molly Mednikow.

-Animal Abuse

 "What fault is there in loving my pet?"
Friday, 29 of January, 2010

Liber Rios, who is the owner of "Robert", has filed a complaint with the police in Morona Cocha (a poor area near Iquitos, Peru).  His complaint is in reaction to abuse of his dog, who was brutally beaten to near death, "Robert has been our dog for 10 years.  We raised him since he was a puppy.  I feel very hurt and even want to cry when I think of the words "Your dog has been beaten."
"The day of the attack I sat in front of my house and my dog was wandering in and out.  Then my neighbor's son told me that my dog was inside of his house, bleeding and dying.  We assumed that somebody had poisoned Robert,  I went and found him bathed in blood, and realized that he had been beaten, not poisoned.   
Liber Rios took his dog to his house where he gave him first aid, "We took him to the vet after two days and learned that Robert's skull was fractured.  Veterinarian Marcial Aviles had to intervene after finding a bone embedded in the dog's brain. the doctor found a bone Avilés embedded in his skull brain.  "Now my dog is better but he is recovering slowly." said Rios.
"I know there is a law on animal protection, which is why I decided to go to the police station of Morona Cocha where police are investigating this case.  My neighbor says that he refuses to pay anything because Robert is just an animal.  I want to see justice served because I consider my dog to be a member of my family.  I am completely disturbed by my neighbor's attitude." 

The official complaint is pending. (MI)

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  1. I'm glad to hear that the Morona Cocha police are investigating this case. I'm crossing my fingers for justice for this poor dog!


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