January 3, 2010

Kirsten's First Impressions of CARES

Welcome to Veterinarian Kirsten Patrick, who is taking the time to write about what she expects and what will eventually happen during her 3 week veterinary volunteer experience with Amazon Community Animal Rescue When I arrived at Iquitos, I wasn’t sure what to expect apart from it was going to be different! I was expecting to not have the same equipment or drugs that a vet clinic (or clients of a vet clinic) in England would think of as standard and to be having to make do with whatever happened to be on the shelf at the time. These I assumed would be the older, cheaper versions of drugs rather than the newly licensed expensive drugs and I assumed some creative problem solving would have to be done to get around this lack of equipment or drugs. Also a lot of creativity where communication is concerned as in my case school time Spanish ended 8 years ago and although picking up some words and phrases, following the rapid pace of the locals was challenging. I also assumed that the attitudes of people about their animals and what they expected could be done for them would be very different in South America compared to the pampered pets of North London.

This short video below should show her some of the things to come.  Stay tuned for more as Kirsten learns more about Iquitos and Amazon CARES! If the video does not display below, please watch the video, A Day in the Life of a Veterinary Volunteer at a remote clinic on our YouTube channel.  We love your ratings and comments!

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  1. Thanks for including us on your Top 10 list. To reward our volunteers who have served with us for 2-5 years, we sponsored a jaguar in the wild in their name.


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