January 4, 2010

Dr. Cara Grant arrives to volunteer!

Hi I’m Cara, I am a vet from Scotland but I live and work in Devon. I heard about Amazon cares through the WVS but also through a colleague who volunteered with them and loved it. Just arrived in Iquitos after a nice day in Lima, where I checked out the Mercado Indio for artesanias and wandered around Miraflores, to the seafront and went to Barranco for a cerveza and watched some Andean musicians in the plaza. Then I went to the playa Pescadores where they were throwing fish to hoards of pelicans, an amazing sight to see. Everyone seemed very friendly and Lima was not as scary as some people made out.

The flight to Iquitos was enjoyable as I got to see the Andes, the cordilleras negra and blanca, through the clouds. Then flying over the Amazon river you can appreciate the size as even from 30,000 feet it looks huge. Not like any river I have ever seen.

The heat on landing in Iquitos was quite startling. I like it hot, and have travelled in some warm places but The 95 degree heat and humidity was still a bit of a shock. The moto taxi man met me at the airport and took me to the office on Calle Pevas, where I met Molly and Danielo and we went for a wander to the waterfront, which looks amazing. They both seem lovely and very easy going and welcoming. I cant wait to get on the river and go to Cabo Lopez tonight. I am also looking forward to sampling some of Danielo’s cooking. Felt a bit jet lagged last night so hope I don’t crash and burn too early tonight.

Photo of Dr. Cara Grant top.
Photo of Dr. Cara Grant and Dr. Kirsten Patrick bottom.

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