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December 27, 2009

Top 8 TweetersThat Inspire Me

As 2009 ends I want to pay homage to the people that have honored us, and we want to honor some of our favorite Twitter friends. At this time last year I had less than 60 followers. What a difference a year makes!

Twitter has been good to us, and hopefully we have returned the favor. We try to entertain with animal quotes, and we try to minimize the completely self serving twits. Our blog entries are fairly in-depth, but we know we have quality followers that can use our blog as a trusted resource on animal welfare charity issues in the Third World. Thank you Twitter.

TOP 8 TWEETERS THAT INSPIRE ME (in alphabetical order, not by rank)

1.  Richard Bassett - @RichBassett
Boston, Ma
Twitter Bio:  Dedicated to the philanthropic work of Dame Elizabeth Taylor. HIV/AIDS/ Addiction/Crisis Intervention Counselor, Homeless Advocate, Humanitarian, Activist
Why he´s on my list:  Richard´s tweets are always filled with love and inspiration.  He is an advocate for many causes through his Re-Tweets and comments.
Sample Tweet:.  On Twitter, it is not about posting the insignificant tasks of daily life. It is about relating to the common tasks that we all must do-RtB

2.  Sue Birkam - @Beingswell
Shelby Township, Michigan
Twitter Bio: Loving Life and want others to Love their life too, trained Life Coach
Why she´s on my list:  Read the sample tweet.  Not only does Sue tweet the most provoking quotes and proverbs, but she herself is a philosopher worthy of admiration.
Sample Tweet: We always attract into our lives whatever we think about most, believe in most strongly, expect on the deepest level and imagine most vividly

3.  Martina Clements - @martisunshine
St Petersburg, FL
Why she´s on my list: As her name implies, Martina is full of sunshine.  It shines through in her profile photo and in her frequent Re-Tweets for wonderful causes.  Martina reminds me of a best friend!
Sample Tweet:  (Advice to another Tweeter) It will happen for you! Someone with as beautiful a heart as you will find someone who values all that you are.

4.  Melissa Galt -  @ProsperbyDesign
Global as Needed!
Twitter Bio: Creativepreneur, Marketer, Social Media Muse, Interior Designer, Lifestyle Creator, Visionary, Foodie, Bungee Jumper, Adventurer, Mentor, Optimist
Why she´s on my list:  Melissa is well known in Atlanta, GA, where I lived for many years.  She infuses people with the passion to make changes in their lifes.  Her tweets trigger people to improve their personal and business "clutter."  Of course, who can resist the word "Creativepreneur," and her smart Social Marketing Tips!
Sample Tweet: End of year to CONQUER: burn the troubles of 2009 and before, and invite in the fortune and blessings fo 2010!

5.  Marisa Herrera - @Marisa_Herrera
Victoria, BC Canada
Twitter Bio: Bio Green living consultant 4 animal lovers & their pets. Passionate about animals & Nature. I want 2 help as many animals as I can. Opening animal sanctuary soon!
Why she´s on my list: She almost made an animal-related list, but Marisa´s Tweets are not only green and animal friendly.  She has a universal appeal, and also regularly interacts with others and tweets helpful articles.
Sample Tweet:  Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass It's about learning to dance in the rain. - Vivian Greene - (this is why I like dancing! ;)

6.  DIOSA Communications (Heather Mansfield)- DIOSAComm
Springfield, MO
Twitter Bio DIOSA specializes in Web 2.0 Marketing, Social Media Trainings and Public Speaking, and Social Media Webinars for nonprofits and small businesses.
Why she´s on my list: This may seem a strange pick, but I choose @DIOSAComm due to the woman behind the company.  She has provided me and Amazon CARES and our volunteers an incredible amount of knowledge through her blog and webinars about Social Media and Non-Profits.  Her fees are reasonable for very small charities.  Do you like my Twitter background?  Heather designed it!  By the way - She is also a great, dynamic woman!!
Sample Tweet: New Blog Post :: 100 Word Review: Twitter Mosaic for Nonprofit Organizations:

7.  MARCOME  - @Marcome
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Twitter Bio: I'm a Canadian singer songwriter & I do a mixture of pop world music mixed with new age, jazz & ambient voices. My name is pronounced Marko-may. Love your way!
Why she´s on my list: Marcome´s tweets are not about herself, although she certainly deserves to be more self promoting.  They are inspirational thoughts that motivate and influence me every day.  And yes, her music is divine.
Sample Tweet: Raise your voice & join the chorus; The World is Singing! #music

8.  Lois Martin - @LoisMarketing
Atlanta, GA, Good ol' USA
Twitter Bio:  Marketing and PR diva. Chief Connections Officer. Loves Georgia Bulldog football, Formula 1, writing, art and gardening. After all, life must have balance!
Why she´s on my list:  Lois has an edge because she is a friend of mine from many years ago.  Although we never spent the time together that I wish we had, she has always impressed me with her intelligence.  Most of all, she radiates optimism.  I know her for real, not just from Twitter, so I can truly say it is true.  Lois is always smiling!  She is an expert on blogs and holds great webinars.  But she is a REAL person, a sports nut, and tweets some good recipes at times!
Sample Tweet:  On my blog: Formula 1 Friday: Oh wow, it's almost 2010 ... #sports