November 21, 2009

A Nurse´s Fight for Fluffy

Fluffy’s Rescue Story by Veterinary Volunteer Naima Collins

The volunteers feared for her survival.

It was the first day of our neutering project in Caballococha. A few of us decided to go for a well deserved beer after our 8 hour journey down the Amazon to get there. We were all sitting along the outside bar laughing and sharing our experiences so far. As we were sitting there I noticed this very pretty but mange ridden dog sitting staring at us. I got of my stool and called her over. She took on that hunched doggy stance with her little stump of a tail wagging furiously say I’m a bit nervous but I’m really happy your talking to me. I stroked her and that was it. Slowly she introduced herself to all of us! Clearly she had decided “I like these guys, I know they will help me, I’m sticking around”.

From then on she followed us everywhere. She slept outside our hotel; she followed us to breakfast, then to our clinics. If we went somewhere by boat or motorkart she would be back at the hotel waiting. We treated her skin and neutered her. I estimate she is about nine months old. Daily her confidence grew. She let us pick her up and wash her with complete trust. This is unusual for a street dog.

Even the hotel owner said she has chosen you; you guys have to take her back.

On the last night she followed Bruno, Maria and I into a night club! I tried to shoo her out and went up on a balcony. Worriedly I watched her run around the floor of the club when she spotted us and took a flying leap up the stairs to join us amazingly there she remained!!

And the volunteers named her Fluffy  A photo of Naima Collins, the volunteer determined to rescue Fluffy!

The next day we took her back. It was a traumatic journey because they would not let her on the boat because she smelt. They said to put her on the roof. I protested and could not help but cry, she would have died in the heat. Grudgingly they put her in the engine room and I was so worried all the way.

I was frantic for her when we finally arrived. We had to wait for all the luggage to be offloaded before we got her. I scooped her in my arms as she cheerfully ran up to us. They are tough cookies these dogs. Molly and I took her back to the shelter after a night at the clinic.

It will be a while but slowly her hair is growing in little tufts and fluff (hence Fluffy). She had a little bit of conjunctivitis but on the mend. She is the most friendly, loving girl with dogs as well as people. She craves affection. All the dogs are special but Fluffy stole my heart. I do miss her.

So please help Fluffy recover. These dogs need help as there are not many places of refuge for these dogs. Thanks to Amazon Cares she is ok.

Fluffy is comfortable at the CARES shelter. Fluffy, recovering at the Amazon CARES shelter.

Click here to lend your support to: Fluffy needs medical care. and make a donation at !

You can make a micro-donation for Fluffy´s continued care.  Thank you to Fluffy´s sponsor´s thus far:

Vince Cowdry
Mark Riddle
Darlene Davis
Naima Collins



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