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September 29, 2009

T&T Animal Rescue: Taking Stand on Close-to-Home Issue

Original posted on the T&T Animal Rescue MySpace Site.  This is an entry written by this worthy organization.  People that understand the link between animal abuse and violent crime should be particularly interested, and may be able to help T&T in their research in an upcoming court case.
I have come to know a lot of you and I call a lot of you my friend.  MySpace gives us a way to have special friendships with people all over the world. Isn't it great!?! Many of you share with me your love of animals. It is an unconditional love.   
Some of you know about my fight to educate adults an d children that animal abuse leads  to more serious abuse. I have finally gotten my chance to speak in front of the local government in Knoxville on this matter and I have been asked to speak at several other engagements.
As a child, I remember my older brother being mean to our animals, just because he had power over them.  Later my brother Gary was convicted of murder. I was 10 years old when Gary killed our cousin.

I look back now and can see all the signs that predicted his future violent crime. He started off abusing our animals and later he abused and tortured the pets of our neighbors.. Mom and Dad always grounded him did what they thought was the right thing for him at the time.  They did realize that animal abuse would be a predictor of what would eventually happen.
Maybe if Gary would have gotten the help and intervention he needed as a child there would have been a different outcome for his life. Instead many animals and people where killed and hurt at his hands.
I have still not completely forgiven Gary for what he has done.  The hurt in the eyes of my animals still are vivid.  But these memories are what give me the courage to take a stand on animal abuse at the hands of children and teenagers.
What I need from fellow activist's are  publications you can find in your area of the world on this matter.  I need proof that animal abuse leads to destruction of self and others. Sometimes teenagers have so much influence on their younger siblings that they too will abuse animals.
Please look in your local papers and area media sources and send me all you can. I have to build a solid case. It has taken a long time to get a opportunity like this and I want to have the maximum impact on audiences.  Thanks to all of you!! Love and Peace!!"
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