May 28, 2009

Amazon CARES Celebrates World Spay Day

During the annual campaign celebrating World Spay Day, on Tuesday February 24, 2009, the Amazon CARES NGO offered 12 families an opportunity to sterilize their pet at no charge.

People arrived en masse to the clinic at Pevas to take advantage of this offer, but only 12 were able to take advantage of this opportunity. It is worth mentioning that this surgery takes some time (especially for females), as well as the cost for drugs and materials like strings, syringes, vitamins, anesthetics, etc, and these costs were completely covered by the NGO.

Doctors Esther and Miguel, together with an assistant and two volunteers, treated the seven cats and five dogs carefully during the day. Their owners were able to pick them up at the end of the day, after receiving some post-surgery advice as well as some packages of balanced food supplied by Pedigree. Then, the owners cheerfully agreed to have a picture taken to record this day, with their pet in their arms.

The NGO wants to thank everybody who came to register their pets and make this day a symbol of how pet owners should act responsibly, and contribute the fight against the uncontrolled and exponential growth of the animal population. The common message is that are many undesired pets destined to live and die on the streets. Amazon Cares attended two TV programs during the day to talk about animal sterilization, explaining its beneficial role for the pet's health and to fight animal overpopulation, therefore contributing more to the education about responsible pet ownership.

During the 5 years that this NGO has been working in Iquitos, Peru in the control of canine overpopulation, people understand and accept more every day the importance of sterilizing their pet. CARES apologizes to those who could not participate, but plans many future events which will be well publicized through local TV, La Región newspaper and other media. Special thanks to Pedigree Iquitos for their support with free food for the sterilized pets.

Cats Neutered: Raymond, León, Bruno

Cats Spayed: Tita, Renata, Michilina

Dogs Neutered: Curi, Beethoven, Boby

Dogs Spayed: Maya, Pelusa, Duquesa

Thank you to volunteer Delia Cobos for translating this article from Spanish.

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