April 20, 2006

Amazon CARES Mission and Projects

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety (CARES) seeks better health and living conditions for ALL living beings of the Peruvian Amazon region. This includes appropriate care, respect, and protection from cruelty and neglect.

We are the first and only "Humane Society" in the entire Amazon region. In Iquitos, Peru we operate a modern veterinary clinic and in nearby Cabo Lopez we have a no-kill animal refuge. Our focus is on DOMESTIC animals.

In 2006 Founder and Director, Molly Mednikow, received the "Kindred Spirit" Award from the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

Please support our mission that, over 5 years, has made a significant impact on living conditions and health for animals AND humans in the poorest region of Peru, the Amazon region. All donations are tax deductible.

Official Tax Documentation:

IHC_IRS-LOD.pdf - IRS letter of determination to the International Humanities Center, our Fiscal Sponsor.

LS-ACARES-060717.pdf - IHC letter of support & statement of our 501(c)(3) status as a project of the IHC.

Ongoing, Active Projects

  • Modern Veterinary Clinic located in center of Iquitos, Perú.

  • Two Full Time Licensed Veterinarians on staff, including the only Licensed Veterinarian in the region specializing in "Small Animal Medicine."

  • Absolutely NO-KILL Animal Sanctuary with "Lifetime Pet Program" in Cabo López, near Iquitos.

  • Animal Rescue, Rehab, Adoption.

  • Free Mobile Veterinary Clinics & Stray Animal Birth Control Programs.

  • Youth & Community Enrichment, including Humane Education programs & Anti-Domestic Violence Campaigns.

  • Frequent boat trips to service more remote communities.

  • Assisted Animal Therapy for disabled children.

  • Free wildlife veterinary assistance at a non-profit "Animal Orphanage" and INRENA, the government facility that rescues illegally traded wildlife.

  • Continuing Education Programs to All Veterinary Professionals in the Region.

  • Active Volunteer Programs in the USA and in Perú.

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