February 22, 2017

#WordlessWednesday: A Cat's Second Chance at Life

Since Amazon CARES was founded in 2004, we have been working daily to minimize dogs and cats overpopulation, and lessen the needless suffering of many street dogs and cats in Peru’s Amazon Region.  

A beautiful white cat that I have named Polyester, in memory of the grand kitty of Amazon CARES supporter, Suzanne Elkins, stole a tourist’s heart. The tourist, Maria, rescued Polyester and first took her to a regular Vet Clinic because she had a wound inside her mouth, broken teeth and could not eat or drink, making her very weak and in pain. The doctor at this Vet Clinic examined her and told Maria that the best thing to do was to put her to sleep. So Maria decided to look for a second opinion and do anything possible to save Polyester's life.

She came to our clinic after some locals referred us. One of our doctors, Dr. Gustavo, examined Polyester, and explained to Maria that Polyester needed to go through a delicate surgery to remove couple teeth from the bottom jaw and also shaving the bone. As any surgery, it involved risks. The outcome was amazing! Not only Polyester can eat now on her own, but she is very healthy and ready to become a family member!

Please support our efforts on rescuing and saving animals like Polyester-- Your support is crucial to ensure these innocent animals have a second chance at life. Donate here bit.ly/HELPPLS or you can also mail a check to: Amazon CARES, PO BOX 271344, Tampa, FL 33688. THANK YOU for your support!

February 18, 2017

Helping Abandoned Stray Cats and Kittens

Did you know that kittens need to be with their mom and be breastfed at least until they are 1 and half month old? In Iquitos, there are countless of abandoned kittens on the streets. A lot of then die trying to survive on their own, others are abandoned in our door. We had gotten many kittens with their eyes still shut and with their umbilical cords attached. Some of them are separated from their moms and are left to their fate. 

Our staff and volunteers provide care to every cat and kitten that is in need and in our clinic and no-kill shelter. Our licensed veterinarians give them all medical treatment, vaccines and any special care that is needed. If the kittens are only days old, our staff feed them every two hours, until we can find a mom substitute to feed and care for them
Our goal is to provide all the care they need, see them healthy and ready to be adopted so we can find them a responsible owner who will be caring and loving these beautiful creatures. 
We run completely on donations. Remember that any amount helps us keep our doors open to all animals in need. If you'd like to contribute to help today, donate here! Thank YOU!

February 14, 2017

A True #LoveStory

This is a true love story.
A lesson of love and bond between two dogs and 6 legs. Molly, named in honor Amazon CARES Founder, Molly Mednikow, is a lovely dog that has been under our care for more than a year now. She was abandoned in our shelter with one of her legs seriously hurt after being ran over by a motocar. After some medical tests and exams, our Veterinarians came to the conclusion that the only and best solution was to amputate her leg.
Molo was found in the street and brought to us. He was alone, starving and with a broken leg. His leg condition was not that bad, although he will never be able to recover the movement again. Molly and Molo have a lot of things in common. They are both rescue dogs, same color, with the same kind of disability, and with the same feelings. As soon as they met each other, they became inseparable. It is amazing to see how two beautiful creatures are so loyal to each other. How they understand the each other needs and how they decided to be the support and encouragement for one another. Despite their disability, they live a happy life together. They make their life like any other dog … Jumping, playing and enjoying time with many other dogs. Together they are invincible! Molly and Molo are now not only a couple, friends and a lesson for all of us. They are a team of 2 dogs, 6 legs and one only heart.
Thank you to everyone for sharing and generously donating. Animals such as Molly and Molo generate love, and whether you donate $5, $10 or $25 increments, any amount is important! Donate through PayPal at bit.ly/HELPPLS. Many people make a monthly pledge which helps us immensely!
We are so busy making miracles, it is impossible to find time to tell every story. For your safety and to prevent fraud, make sure that you are actually donating to Amazon CARES, a legal 501c3 with a physical location in Iquitos. Your donation is tax-deductible.